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Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Comments on Trick or Treat

Many of you might be interested in the new comments recently posted on the Trick or Treat column from a few weeks back.
An AP story carried nationwide about Oil City's returning to nighttime trick or treating prompted several people to write.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So much going, so little has been said.

It doesn’t seem possible, but it has been nearly five weeks since I last posted.

I know that is no way to attract and keep readers. When I started this blog I thought there would be more comment and feedback, leading to my having more to say and the introduction of new topics.

I encourage everyone to participate. My intent was to foster discussion.

So, where do we go from here; well a lot has gone on.

There is an effort to create an Oil City Main Street program. Perhaps of greatest interest is that the Main Street steering committee explored and is trying to work out some details of taking an innovative approach for a Main Street program by partnering with the Oil Region Alliance. This could get the program off and running a year or two earlier than if the traditional approach was taken, meaning we could have a Main Street program up and running in 2009.

Outdoor furnaces are under discussion and there’s likely to be a proposed ordinance in the near future that will establish a number of restrictions on them. There’s also some work on updating our dog/animal control ordinances.

A consultant has been chosen to undertake a new joint comprehensive plan with Cornplanter and Rouseville, which will include a look at Oil City’s zoning regulations.

A consultant will soon be selected to undertake the Comprehensive Waterways Plan.

And of course the 2009 budget is on everyone’s mind. It is going to be a tough year. In my mind, there is absolutely nothing left to cut in city operations, although there might be a few efficiencies in operations yet to be found that would give us more bang for the buck. I also strongly believe, as I believe other members of council do, that we need to invest in the future..

What are your thoughts on these and the many other programs and issues facing the city?